Sunday, May 9, 2010

Belfast is Fantastic. Really enjoyed my performance here, great to be back in this great exciting city. The Journey was nuts, enjoy my usual stop in Singapore, but Heathrow was the usual crazy mess, and my violin didnt make it...lost luggage! grrr!
Ok, get to Belfast anyway, jet lagged and sleep depp bigtime, but the great team at Cathedral Quarter Arts Fest soon help me out with a borrowed violin and few bits. The show must go on..i enjoy a quick granny nap in the hotel and then bang! Connie Bree advises a cappuchino w Double Shot.. double excitement, And Bang! Im onstage! Delivering a whacky show with Loops n beats, spoken word, ad lib ad hoc comedy synching with the dark humour of Belfast an dthe explosive energy of this newly revamped city. Half way though i relax a bit and the craic is great, it could last forever..soon we shoot off the banter cannon with a few of the audience , and before I know im doin a Bluegrass encore.

I Love every second of it.
Now, i need to home to Galloway, but hard to check out of Belfast.

Monday, May 3, 2010

24 hours in paradise

OK, here it is again, time to leave Melbourne again...not easy. Golden leaves falling form the trees, sweet Smell of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus in the air..and the Fitzroy tree, heavy with fruits n berries all carry the familiar scent of the lush Harvest. After another hot summer the city's vegetation is ripe with the music of Autumn as the yellow harvest moon shine a blue hue of bright light along the leafy suburbs...
Ah, the Melbourne Autumn, the harvest of my lifes emotions.

Still doin a few gigs on Brunswick st..but the clock is ticking and i have to be in Belfast on Thursday...come rain or snow, auditions or sleep til Belfast